Civil Engineering

• When it comes to civil works, VGCPL is among the leading giants in the area of kachchh. We develop a architectural structure for you which will surely mesmerize you.

• We at VGCPL hold expertise in residential and corporate projects and we consistently grow in this field with our passion and hunger to develop. We work for creating homes, offices, tenements, multi-floored skyscrapers, apartments and offices.

vishrambhai gorsiya construction civil engineering

Industrial Project

vgcpl industrial project

• Our core success lies in working at industrial sites serving leading industrial in various different events with various different demands. Working for different industries we have proved our abilities in all different ways for all possible demands.

• VGCPL has successfully completed industrial projects in some leading firms like Reliance, Adani and many more. We have even worked with Government at various occasions for creating Roads, Bridges and Railway works.

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

• We have established a high-tech unit under the name of Vconcrete for RMC at two different locations in kachchh. Vconcrete is our next big step in this field to serve this field better. We at Vconcrete work with volumetric concrete mixer which delivers the ready mix in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on site. This process helps to combine a precise amount of all aggregatelike rock, sand, water and cement together by weight, also allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented right there on construction sites.

• Ready-mix concrete is often preferred over other of same fraternity due to many factors like cost and its versatility, from small water tanks to big water reservoirs to miles long bridges. It also has comparatively longer life than other products. If we consider an example of roadways than there It has an average life span of 30 years under high traffic areas while normal concrete may just sustain for about 10 years.Ready-mix concrete, or RMC is also known as tailor made concrete as it is specially manufactured right there at construction site or at some nearby RMC manufacturing unit.

Road & bridge Construction


• Transportation structures like bridges demand next level if expertise and at VGCPL we hold this expertise to create reliable bridges with assurance of weight carrying capacity in accordance to budget.

• We have also created some of the best roads in rural and remote areas and after working with governments VGCPL is now proudly called one of the best government contractor.

Earth Works

• VGCPL doesn’t lefts any key to be turned in field of construction and we don’t live any key unturned.

• VGCPL also works for big earth work projects to satisfy all kind of client needs in all different situations.

• We work for all kind of requirements like leveling, grounding, extracting etc.

Irrigation Project

orrigation project by vgcpl

• VGCPL is known for its exceptional success in various different kinds of irrigation projects. From small irrigation structures like farm reservoirs to big canal and dam projects VGCPL has now mastered the art of working for irrigation structures.

• At VGCPL we thrive for discipline and hence we always complete projects on-time with utmost satisfaction to our clients. At many occasions we have also worked for governmental projects.

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